It’s snowing on my pea bed

Yep, yesterday I was out in a t-shirt planting peas, this morning it is snowing. It suppose to stay cold for the next week at least.

I planted some peas yesterday, in the tomato bed from last year. I try to rotate my garden, but it is not very big so that can be hard. But I have read that you do not really need to rotate every year, just every few years. I planted Garden Pea Burpeeana Early from Burpee. I picked them up at the local Target. They aren’t anything special, just early ripening. I only just last year started planting peas. To tell the truth, before that, I did not have any raised beds and the ground this time of year was just too wet, like swamp wet and unsuitable for anything. But with the raised beds I put in, the ground is much drier. I got an okay crop last year and due to poor planning I did not really have time to research a good pea. So I just picked up the first one I could find. Hopefully it is a good one. I am going to have to look into this for next year.

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