Lettuce is planted.

The weather was finally warm enough for me to work out in my garden. I cleared a few bed in the back and tilled a raised bed so I could plant my lettuce.

Just a comment on my raised beds. I covered them over last fall with newspaper to see if I could cut down on the weeds that grew. The weeds were held back but the newspaper did not disintegrate enough over the winter so that I could till it in. I ended up pulling it off the bed after it clogged up the tiller blades.

Anyway, back to the lettuce. I planted the seed tape I made a few weeks ago. At least for getting the seeds in the ground, the seed tape worked well. Much easier than planting each seed individually in the ground. Instead of putting the soil on top, I dumped the potting soil from the two potted tomatoes I had last year. I thought the softer dirt might make it easier for the lettuce to break through. I normally dump my old potting soil on the garden and till it in. This is the first time I just placed it on the top.

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