Orange Volunteer

So, like about 2 months ago, my son was eating an orange and came across some seeds. He asked what they were and I told him it was a baby tree and that if we planted the seed, it would grow into a big tree. Then we got out a cup of dirt and planted the seeds. For the next few days, he asked if the tree had grown yet. Of course it hadn’t and he lost interest. For the next month, I watched for signs of trees as well, with no luck. Citrus seeds can be hard to grow sometimes, so I figured that after a month with no luck, that we had planted bum seeds.

Shortly after that, my sons wanted to get moon cacti and while we were planting them, some of their pups fell off. So I tossed them on top of the dirt in the cup that contained the seeds we were planting. I wanted to see if I could get the pups to root. (I’ve so far not had any luck with that either)

Then yesterday, more than two months after planting the orange seeds, I found this in the cup:

The darn thing finally germinated! I could not believe it. So here I have a tiny little orange tree to add to my collection. We’ll see how it does.

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