Where is spring?

I was wondering why Mother Nature hates me. Okay, maybe not just me. Why does she hate Cleveland? Today it’s 65F. Tomorrow it’s suppose to be 34F. That’s just lovely. Really, thanks for the strip tease, Nature.

On the indoor front, my two new citrus trees are trying to live. The calamondin is doing well, but the pink lemonade lemon is having leaf drop issues. *sigh* I suppose that is what I get for buying trees at Lowe’s. They were just $15 each, a bargain for such hard to find citus trees. They were poorly cared for though and as with most citrus, once you abuse them they need a good deal of time trust humans again. I should know, I nearly killed my orange tree and did kill a key lime. I think I should be able to pull the lemon through though. It would be easier if I could put it outside.

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