The grass at Fenway Park

I’m still here in Boston and tonight I got a special treat. I got to go to Fenway Park. Thanks Ross! (That’s Ross in the pic) He was the one with the tickets.

He runs a Boston Red Sox forum and is a huge fan. They were good seats too. Nine rows back from the dugout. I have never been a big baseball fan but Fenway is a historic thing so it was fun.

And as I am not a baseball fan, I was bored after awhile and my attention wandered until it came to rest on the grass on the field. My god! I have not seen grass that perfect in my life. Since I have never been that close to a professional baseball field, I never noticed that the grass has this sort of ethereal quality to it. It is just that perfect.

I am not a grass fan. No flowers, no food, and a plant just won’t get me too excited. I could care less about my lawn. But seeing the Fenway Park grass made me appreciate the grass fanatics out there. I understand what they are striving for. I still don’t care about my grass, but I have insight into what the appeal is now.

Apparently, the grass in Fenway Park was not always so perfect. I found this article about how they ripped the whole field up, dug down 2 feet and re-laid it all so that it was perfectly flat. Mind blowing that someone would put that much effort into grass, but they did.

I guess I am not the only one who is impressed with Fenway Park grass. There is even a book written by a groundskeeper at Fenway Park about how you too can have beautiful grass. Like I said, lots of effort but I guess it makes some people happy.

Boston won, by the way. And maybe just maybe playing on such perfect grass helped.

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  1. I was an intern at Fenway this summer and we thank you for your comments on the grass at Fenway. It really makes us proud of our work when fans and other people enjoy our work


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