In the beginning, exhaustion and overwhelmed

Ugh… I’m just pooped. I spent a good portion of the day outside.

The beginning of the season is always tough.

First of all, you are way out of shape due to the fact you did absolutely nothing during the winter. Your butt is fat and your muscles are weak. Hence, you work you butt off and end up in some serious pain the first couple of warm weather weeks.

Second, this early in the season, there is very little looking lush and green. Even your evergreens look a little beat up and weather worn. When the blush of the first blooms of spring wears off, all you see is a desolate, half-alive wasteland that was once your garden. You know that it will come back and be beautiful again, but… There is this little twinge in your heart that says it’s too much. That this year your yard won’t come back. But fortunately, Mother Nature always proves us wrong.

I cleaned out the peony bed today and started on the pond. I also laid out the dimensions of my Grass Couch, for the Couch-Grow-Along and did some weeding the herb bed.

I am exhausted.

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