Single mom finally finds a place to nest

She’s all alone in the world as far as anyone can see. She needs somewhere safe to raise her kids and she doesn’t have too much to work with. It’s a bad neighborhood for a single mom and her kids. Just last week, her friend Robin was killed by some mean cats. But still, she has managed to find a nice guy who has a good home for her where she hopes that her little ones can grow up safe and healthy until they are ready to leave the nest. She is a little nervous. I mean can she really trust this guy? She barely knows him. But in this harsh world, what’s a girl to do?

So, I am being a bit tongue and cheek. But you have to admire the spunk of this little bird. She has taken residence up in my friend John’s backyard in a hanging basket that was left out over the winter.

This location is good for a bird. It’s high off the ground away from cats and other predators. It’s under the awning over the porch, so she is out of the elements. John doesn’t have any little kids at his house so there won’t be any accidents of curiosity or irresponsible cruelty.

She is pretty comfortable but she is still a little wary of John. After awhile though, if he doesn’t bother her (he doesn’t intend to) she will be comfortable enough with him that she won’t fly away if he gets too close.

Hopefully, if she stays, I will be able to get some pictures of her fledglings in a few weeks.

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