Weeding out the Wal-Marts

You have to admit, Wal-Marts seem to pop up like a weed. They are everywhere and most of the time when they show up, they are not really wanted. Personally, Wal-Mart is another store on my “I won’t shop there” list due to the whole debit card fiasco that they tried and are still trying. But that is another topic for a different kind of blog, so I won’t go there.

Anyway, apparently there is another Wal-Mart going into the Cleveland area. This time it’s a Super Wal-Mart. My friend Kristen Boyesen wants to try to stop it going in. Click here for her arguments against the Wal-Mart.

She has a nice idea for an alternative, which is to put in a indoor tropical resort. She shared some pictures of another resort she visited called Gaylord Resort. It looks really awesome and it would be nice to have one here, too. Imagine being able to be in a garden year round!

Unfortunately, the city of Bedford, like many other Cleveland suburbs, is in a state of near crisis with abandoned storefronts and houses in foreclosure. The city most likely sees this as a shot in the arm and not one to the foot. To the left is the completely vacant strip mall where Wal-Mart is slated to be built.

I agree with Kristen that a Super Wal-Mart probably will not help matters. Wal-Marts tend to crush everything around it. Stores and citizens alike.

But, if any of you guys out there know of a developer who might be looking to build a garden paradise and is just looking for location, tell them about this empty space in Bedford. I know I would like to see a garden resort built here in the Cleveland area!

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