Just Damn Hot

I always try to do something creative for my post titles, but for this one, there is just no other way to say it.

It’s damn hot.

I think we may break a temperature record here in Cleveland for the heat.

I really wanted to do some gardening today but I can’t. It’s too hot. I have had no time to acclimate and my body is in shut down. The plants are feeling this too. Neither one of us wants to be messing around the garden.

Where else but Cleveland could you go from 41F to this in a week’s time? Apparently, this time it is not just a Cleveland thing. The whole Eastern half of the country is in a heat wave. Nice to know but it doesn’t fix the problem.

Too damn hot.

Maybe later in the day, when it cools down, I can get some weeding and repotting done.

But for right now, I’m sitting back with a nice cool wine spritzer… or two… or three. Ah, hell, maybe I will make wine spritzers with the whole freaking bottle.

It is just too damn hot.

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