The Legend of the Cleveland Grown Orange

There is a legend about a woman who grew an orange in Cleveland, Ohio. No one knows if it is really true, but there are unverified pictures and people who have a friend who has a friend who told them that it is true.

They say that she had the orange tree for almost 8 years before she got an orange. They say that the orange was nearly as big as a grapefruit. They say that this woman grew this orange without a greenhouse. The really amazing thing they say is that the orange in the picture fell off the tree by accident. They say that there are actually 5 more oranges still on the tree, that are still green but close to being ripe. But that’s just what they say. Who knows if it is really true?

I mean, really, how could anyone grow an orange in Cleveland? Especially without a greenhouse. Either the cold or the lack of sun would keep a real citrus tree from producing an orange. But still, there is that picture… There are those stories… It really is just a local legend. The legend of the Cleveland grown orange.

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