My Grand Vegetable Garden Plan for 2006

I went to Hirt’s yesterday to see if they had their annuals yet. Hirt’s is by far the best place in the Cleveland, OH for annuals that I have found so far. Most of the other nurseries carry your old standards, petunias, snap dragons, impatiens, marigolds and so on. You know, the ones that you are certain you will find no matter what store or nursery you go to. But Hirt’s carries annuals that you will most likely not find anywhere else.

Unfortunately, their annuals had not arrived yet but they did have some veggies so I picked up some. This is what I got:

  • Chocolate Beauty Sweet Pepper
  • Red Cabbage
  • Pak Choi
  • Copenhagen Cabbage
  • Cuchiti pepper
  • Habenero
  • Black Beauty Eggplant
  • Jalopeno
  • Kohlrabi
  • Yellow Straight Neck Squash
  • Grey Hubbard Squash
  • Fanfare Cucumber

The cabbages and Pak Choi will be planted today. It is a little late in the season to be planting them. I had originally planned on forgoing cole crops, due to the dry weather. I was certain that warm weather would be happening much faster than usual. Boy, was I wrong. The last week and a half of rain proved that. I got the shortest growing time cabbages I could and the Pak Choi can be harvested at any time. I am going to see it I can get them to mature before they weather gets too hot.

I also have several heirloom tomatoes coming in the mail (soon hopefully). These are:

  • 1884
  • Azoychka
  • Big Rainbow
  • Black Ethiopian
  • Black Plum
  • Black Zebra
  • Carmello
  • Goose Creek
  • Green Pineapple
  • Hawaiian Pineapple
  • Marianna’s Peace
  • Opalka
  • Peacevine
  • Sara Black
  • Thai Pink
  • White Beauty

And then I have some seeds I plan on planting. These are:

  • Small ornamental squash
  • Edemame
  • Buttercup Squash
  • Dragon Tongue Wax Beans
  • Delectica Squash
  • Birdhouse Gourd
  • Job’s Tears
  • Easter Egg Radishes

And no, I do not have enough room for all these plants in my vegetable beds. I never have enough room for everything I plan on planting. I think it is a failure that all gardener’s suffer from. The tomatoes will get a priority (of course). Followed by the food veggie plants, then the ornamental product plants.

I will plant everything though, just not all in the veggie beds. Some of the plants will get tucked into the flower beds.

Now, if it would just stop raining (yes, it is raining again today) I can get all the vegetable beds tilled.

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