Waking the sleeping bulbs

I brought the tender bulbs (technically rhizomes and corms in my case) up from the basement yesterday so I could plant them. I don’t have that many as I have not historically been big into plants that need to be dug up every year. It is a pain in the ass to do. Previously I thought I had enough to take care of in the garden without babying these plants.

Then I bought a Dinner Plate Dahlia from the Greater Cincinnati Dahlia Society two years ago during a plant sale.

My god, what a breath taking plant. I figured I would give it a shot at surviving the winter and dug it up and stored it. Since then, I have started to dig up all my tender bulbs. I still think I have too much to do in the garden to bother with storing bulbs but now it is now just something I do in the fall (dig them up) and spring (plant them out). It has just become part of the Gardening TTD list that I never seem to be able to finish.

I got the bulbs in the ground just in time. Last night we had a spectacular storm. The kind of storm that makes you want to sit on a covered porch and just watch the rain and lightening. You can feel the raw energy and power in the air and it is a thrilling feeling.

The image of the sky to the right, I left computer wallpaper size. It was such a nice image, I thought I would share. So if you click on the image and then right click and choose “Set as Background”, you can put it as your wallpaper too.

It is raining again today but it is a nice rain. Warm and spring-like. I may go on out and work in it a little later so I can soak up a little of the rain myself.

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