We got you flowers with all the colors of the rainbow, Mommy

My kids gave me my traditional Mother’s Day gift, which is a flat of annuals picked out by them.

They are always proud of the flowers they pick out for me. They are very certain that they have picked out the very prettiest ones. And as they are my children, I agree completely.

They like to pick flowers of all colors and fortunately, I like flowers of all colors. I know some people like to have their gardens be color coordinated but I never prescribed to that line of thought. I prefer that my plants clash. To me it looks more natural. I’ve never seen Mother Nature make sure that her garden is done in warms or cools. She just tends to throw is all together and it still comes out looking pretty. I do the same thing.

These flowers will go on my porch in the window boxes on the railing. I may try to get out today to plant them, as it is raining. That way they will get plenty of water to give them a good start.

Well, happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!

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