Another Failed Attempt to Freeze a Raindrop

We had another terrific thunderstorm last night, complete with the brim and brew of rushing cloud and pounding rain. My husband laughed at me because I saw fit during this particular storm to attempt to photograph that instant the rain hits the puddle and creates a fantastic, though miniature explosion.

I sat on out front porch among the rain with my digital camera tightly wrapped up in a plastic grocery bag. You can’t aim or focus the camera very well in this state, so I snapped away and hoped for the best. It’s not a big deal really. Even if I could aim and focus, they probably would have turned out the same.

The odd thing is that I am not a photographer. I have never really relished taking pictures of things. As a matter of fact, I have probably missed taking pictures of half my kids’ important events because I was too busy experiencing them to think to pick up a camera. I only take pictures for this blog because I don’t know how to convey my garden out to the ether of the internet otherwise. Plus, I am a marketer by trade. I know what a picture can do that a thousand words cannot. Now, if are talking about 3 – 5 words, placed just right in the correct font, that is an entirely different matter. But, for the most part, on the internet, a picture beats a thousand words every time.

Back to the raindrop. For some reason, I have tried for a very long time to take a picture of a raindrop. It is a portrait of nature that I want to posses, to say that I did. Look there. I froze that in time. I don’t know why. I just do. Like someone wanting to climb Mt. Everest, except not as dangerous to life and limb. Though, I suppose it might be if I keep trying this during lightening storms.

I got a few interesting shots but not a single clear picture of the explosion of a raindrop. I did get thoroughly wet though. That was the part my husband found to be very funny. Me, looking like a half-drowned cat, fussing over what appeared to the unknowing to be a crumpled plastic bag while torrents of rain fell down.

My husband later remarked when he saw the shots I was able to get that they looked to him like I was trying to capture a bug’s eye view of my container garden. I had to agree.

One thought on “Another Failed Attempt to Freeze a Raindrop
  1. Clair on

    Ha! I KNEW there had to be a way to do something constructive during a rainstorm! Had hail the Friday before last here in Chicago. How about freezing the exact moment when the marble fell out of the sky and put the ding in your car’s nice pristine paint job? 🙂


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