Care For a Dance? My Newest Garden Decoration.

It is a fantastic, beautiful day today and I did not get to garden. At all. Nada. Nothing. Yeah, I’m a little depressed about that too.

But it was a good deed that kept me from my passion, so I can’t complain too much. I helped out a friend who was having a yard sale today. The sacrifices I make for the people I love, I tell you. I still have tomatoes that need to go into the ground.

While we were unpacking the boxes of stuff she was going to sell, we came across the little lady to the left. Not only is she quaint and kitschy, she dances too. How cool is that? She twirls on a wire frame and pivot.

I imagine she is significantly more than twice my age and heaven knows how much of her life was spent trapped in a box. Unfortunately, it is an all too common story for a woman her age. It is such a sad life for such an obviously free spirit.

But her years of darkness and dust have ended. She was my payment for sacrificing my perfectly good sunny Saturday. So I have decreed that she will spend the rest of her days twirling away in all her ceramic glory among the fluttering backdrop of my kiwi vine trellis.

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