Find out what your inner flower is

It is Friday, and I believe that it is a mandatory Law of the Universe that on Fridays, you have to do something a little fun. I have a little something fun for you.

I always hear people talk about their inner child, but as a gardener, I don’t think I have an inner child. I am pretty sure I have an inner flower instead. But “what kind of flower am I?” is the real question. I mean it is important to know these things so that we can care for our inner flower properly.

Now, thanks to my limited programming skills, you can find out with the What Kind of Flower Are You Quiz. Just answer the 20 quick questions and hit submit and the quiz will tell you your inner flower.

I came out to be a hydrangea, which means I am just a little bit of a show off. Not surprising as I am a blogger.

Take the quiz and find out what you are. Then spend the rest of your Friday making sure your inner flower gets plenty of sunshine and fresh air, preferably among your outer flowers.

One thought on “Find out what your inner flower is
  1. I didn’t know that each person could have such an “inner flower”. I’m curious what the “inner flower” is of my girlfriend, Lisa. 🙂


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