Me, Myself and My Little Garden: Hands Off My Garden Blog

What’s wrong with a blog that is just about me, myself and my little garden. Gardening For Dummies wants more open discussion, “interactivity” between blogs… So fine. Today, let’s go for a little interactivity. I personally find it to be a bit boorish and high nosed on such a subject as gardening. But let’s do this. OK?

I started this blog because I am a little egotistical and a little opinionated and I really like to garden. I wanted to talk about my garden and have the occasional person stop by and see what exactly I do with my days out in my yard (and tell me how pretty it is). I kind of like to think of it as my own personal stop in the Neighborhood Garden Tour of this place called the Internet that Sir Tim Berners-Lee has so graciously created for me to exist in.

When you go on a Garden Tour, you do not go in expecting the owner of the house to talk about how their garden relates to one 6 cities over and how nice her gnomes are compared to someone in Australia. Why, just because it has the name blog, do we somehow expect to be different online? Are we really so much into conformity that this is a necessary thing? Should we have a list of checks about how a garden blog should be, much like a Homeowner’s Association has a list of approved plants?

Are we not gardeners, and by our very nature imbued with the need show off how we can be different from the nature of the world around us, whether that world be organic or electronic? Why is it that we should do our blogs in a certain way ‘cause everybody else is doing it? I’m a gardener, damn it! I don’t do well with conformity.

I want to go to other people gardening blogs and read about their garden, not about what they think about other people’s gardens or how their garden relates to other people’s gardens. That would be boring, in my opinion and rude as well.

I really, really resent that everything in my life must somehow have meaning beyond my yard. I really, really resent that people think that everything we do must have some greater discourse in the “larger picture”. I really, really resent that anyone has the gall to say that they are bored with our “discussion”.

Guess what… It’s not a discussion. IT’S MY GARDEN! MINE. MINE. MINE. I am allowed to be selfish here. It’s gardening for Christ sake. I really don’t want to discuss what’s going on in another person’s garden. I want to discuss what’s going on in MINE.

That’s why I started this in the first place. How the hell am I going to get my ego stroked a bit otherwise? We gardeners need to have some ego stroking and by god we get that on the internet. Thank goodness for forums and flickr and blogs because otherwise our neighbors would be running the other way every time they saw us, having been overwhelmed by our need to discuss OUR garden.

For the same reason I really don’t like the city telling me how to keep my yard, I don’t like people telling me how my blog should be.

Don’t like what you see here, well, I have kindly provided directions to about 100 other stops on this Internet Garden Tour located on the lower half of my left hand navigation. In the mean time, this is my garden. You are more than welcome to visit, as long as you don’t tell me where I should be planting my daisies and tomatoes.

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