The name’s Sam, Sam Spade. What’s Yours, Doll?

She wandered into the garden sometime over the winter and at first I thought she was gonna be Trouble. Real Trouble.

In this garden, plants have a place and she wasn’t in hers. That type of thing makes people notice you around here. But she kept to herself. No friends, no wild weed parties. A real keep to herself type of dame.

After awhile, I figured her for a Cosmos. Looked like one and those Cosmos are known for blowing in and out of gardens without so much as a Hello and a Goodbye. I didn’t chase her out of the Flower Bed because I figured that a Cosmos never caused any trouble. At least not the kind of trouble a gardener like me worries about.

But I guess she just had some growing up to do. And heaven knows this garden makes you grow up fast. She came to this garden a little frilly seedling and this garden had turned her into a stunning specimen of a flower. I knew then that this was a gal with a history and I wanted to know what it was.

She had made herself quite at home in the Flower Bed and I went in looking for her. I sat down next to her and asked her what her name was. She didn’t say so much as a word to me. She knew she was better than a lowly gardener like me.

Hmph. Flowers. You just can’t figure them out.

Anybody know what the name of this flower is?

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