Now that is a haul

Whew… I am pooped. I am a happy Hanna, though. My wallet is only $20 lighter and look at all the great stuff I got.

  • Apple mint
  • Corkscrew willow
  • pussy willow
  • creeping phlox
  • Dark Iris
  • Petasites
  • Chocolate mint
  • Variegated mint
  • lemon thyme
  • Jack in the Pulpit
  • Streptocorpus
  • Poppy
  • Unnamed sedum
  • Two weird ceramic donuts

I did not get to Coit Rd Farmer’s Market. I could not get my lazy butt out of bed. I barely got my kiester going for the plant sales.

We started out at the Bedford plant sale. As I expected, it was smaller with half of the flowers being nursery stock. Prices were okay. I got a Dark Iris, as it was marked, for $3. I think that means a dark purple, but we will see come next spring.

Next was the Master Gardener Plant Sale. Just fantastic. Everything I had hoped for and more. Among the plants I bought was a lovely shade plant called Petasites (common name is Butterbur). It has a huge leaf and is variegated and grows in shade.

The prices at the Master Gardener’s sale were great and they some rather hard to find plants. I attended all their classes too and picked up some great tips but I will highlight each of the classes individually over the next few days. Otherwise, this would be a very long post.

Last we hit the plant swap. It was a small swap with some rather enthusiastic though newbie gardeners. The variety was not great but it was fun to share some gardening tips with the attendees. It makes you feel smart.

Then it was home again, home again higgity jig to unload my car. Now I have a whole plethora of plants that need to be planted and I am just too tired. *sigh* Where did I leave that last can of Red Bull?

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