Oh where, oh where did my Pak-Choi bolt to?

The Pak-Choi has bolted. It started to bolt just a few days after I planted it in the ground. I had hoped to keep it from bolting by nipping off the buds, but that did not work.

I must face the cold, hard, yellow flowered truth. The pak-choi has bolted. It wasn’t even a full grown plant yet. Just a spindly seedling of a plant new to the world.

The cabbages are not bolting nor are the kohlrabi. The weather has been relatively cool. Maybe they are just from better nursery homes but the most likely answer is the cabbage and kohlrabi had a better time of it growing up. Tough times for a young plant and the next thing you know they are on the side of a milk carton as a bolted plant.

Well, fine. If that pak-choi wants to bolt on me, I’ll show it. I will plant well behaved beans right on the spot they bolted from.

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