Peas, sir, I want some more.

Garden Pea Burpeeana EarlyThe peas are finally at harvesting size and I am in pea heaven. I planted Garden Pea Burpeeana Early way back in March and now I am able to try my efforts out on a plate, despite the cold and heat of the past three months. I picked my first tiny batch of peas just last week. Fresh garden peas are like fine spumante champagne bubbles. Pop, sweet, taste, joy and chemical rush of pleasure. Oh God, Oh God, Oh Peas Glorious Peas!

This is the first year I have grown shelling peas. Last year I grew sugar snap peas and I loved them as well. Before that, I did not grow any because I did not have a raised bed and the pea seeds rotted in the ground. It will be a tough decision for next year. I just really don’t have enough room to dedicated to both and still get a meal sized harvest.

Unfortunately, I am married to an anti-pea advocate. I know, I know. I am so ashamed. My husband is against peas purely on the ground that he has only ever eaten frozen peas and feels they taste like chalk. Eek Gads! That is like someone saying they don’t eat tomatoes because they taste like cardboard. What horrors the local grocery store has done to the American palate. I know that what helps me to eat a great many vegetables from the grocery is the lingering memory of what it really should taste like.

I don’t think I will get my husband to try our garden peas though. *sigh* Oh, jeeze. Why am I sighing? His misinformation just means I get more of the good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Peas, sir, I want some more.
  1. MaggieB on

    Hello Hanna, we also planted the Burpeeana Early variety this year. By the way, we have to share our pease – we BOTH love them! We also love the snow peas and others, but wanted to go heavy on the shelling peas this year. We started plants in the greenhouse in early March have plants that are approx. 10 inches high now. (We live in Maryland) The package of peas indicated these peas need no support!! How did you feel about that issue? We went ahead and put up the supports we always use but want to know – what if we leave them unsupported? Have you tried that?


    Hanna Reply:

    I have not tried that, but my concern with letting them grow without support would be slugs. The closer to teh ground the peas are, the more likely they would to suffer slug damage. I would be like you and place supports up no matter what.


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