Rosemary is For… Um… What Was It…

Rosemary Oh, yeah… Rosemary is for remembrance.

Rosemary has been used through the ages to remember quite a few things. The dead, those in love, answers to tests, domineering women, Mother of Christ, satan’s offspring… Just a wide variety things.

I personally just like the way it smells, though I have to admit, it does remind me of my wedding day. Yes, even I get foolishly sappy sometimes and there was rosemary on the tables at my wedding reception.

Rosemary normally does not grow well in my yard. The first reason being that I am just a shade outside of its zones. My mother in Cincy grows it from year to year, but here in Cleveland, the winter cold is just too much for it.

The second reason is that my back yard tends to stay just a little to wet. Rosemary loves dry soil and damp soil encourages mildew on it.

In the past, I have tried to bring it in for the winter, but I have yet to have a rosemary plant survive the winter.

This year, I have found a cure for the damp back yard. The rosemary I planted this year went into a chimney tile that I put in the herb bed. It helps to keep the rosemary lifted out of the damp soil and gives it the extra drainage it needs to be happy.

I am glad to report that this has done the trick and my rosemary this year is the largest I have ever grown. This is particularly impressive when you consider that my yard has been repeatedly flooded (just a few inches) in the past few weeks.

I am not quite sure what I will do with it once the weather gets cold. But I have a feeling that I will just have to hold this year’s plant in my memories.

2 thoughts on “Rosemary is For… Um… What Was It…
  1. Corinne on

    I have a rosemary plant that turned brown but there was still some green on it… I let it dry out :(. I cut it back because there was wick in the thicker stems. Any chance it could come back?


  2. I too tried to bring rosemary in for the winter. Only to have all the leaves drop off and die. Two years ago when I bought rosemary, I brought it right into the house and that is were I have kept it ever since. Two years and doing fine. Hope this helps. Deb


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