What Was It I Was Saying About Yellowjackets?

YellowjacketOh yeah… that “they are brutal and aggressive does not even begin to describe their behavior“.

One of those little beasts fricking stung me today, 3 times. One of those times was on the nose! My Nose! The right side of my nose looks like I got into a schoolyard scrap. Stupid yellowjacket.

What is this? Teach Hanna about flying, stinging entomology week.

I was just watering my plants (which were looking awful in this heat), minding my own beeswax and the damn thing just started stinging me out of the blue. Stupid, stupid yellowjacket.

Turns out they were building a nest in the railing in my porch. Happens about once a year. They like to build their nests in hollow, tube like areas and the cheap, wrought-iron imposter railing I have on my porch offers just such an location. Stupid, stupid, stupid yellowjacket.
But I know how to take care of this. WD-40.

Yep, WD-40. 2000 known uses for the stuff and I am adding destroying wasp nests as one of my favorites.

A quick few squirts in the hole and wasps will flee the nest, never to return. Those that get some on their wings crash to the ground where they can be easily picked up with a paper towel and disposed of.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid yellowjacket. I’ll show them. As soon as the ice helps the swelling of my nose go down.

One thought on “What Was It I Was Saying About Yellowjackets?
  1. Katydid on

    Will WD-40 keep them off of me??? I too am just out in my gardening doing my humble little thing, trying to dig a hole for another plant. Here they come, I was scared I was going to get stung just trying to walk sedately back into the house so they wouldn’t follow me. Is there ANYTHING I can spray on myself that they don’t like enough to let me just go out there and dig a couple of holes and water the others???


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