Off With Their Deadheads

deadheadIt has come to that time of year when I must take on the role of Queen of Hearts, and maniacally scream “Off with their heads!” whenever possible, preferably while wielding some sharp object.

The heat and constant rain of the past two weeks has done a number on my garden. Where once there was a beautiful view of colorful flowers, now there are half dead, half developed seed heads.

The birds are thrilled. I am not.

It is time for a French revolution style, massive de-heading.

De-heading, or Deadheading is not nearly as brutal as it may seem. A properly done deadheading on your perennials will actually prolong your flowering season. Plants have one thing in mind, and that’s procreation. If they don’t procreate, they need to re-foliate. So in other words, take away their seeds and they will reward you with a new display of flowers. So… Viva la Jardin!

Out with the old and in with the new has worked in Paris fashion runways and guillotines for years and will make a splash in your yard too.

So grab your shears, don the gloves… some heads are gonna roll.

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