Yes, You Are Allowed to Leave a Comment on A Gardening Blog

The other day, I was looking for a few Blogger hacks for my blog and I came across a totally unrelated but just as interesting post about Comments on blogs. Actually, the lack of comments on blogs. 10 Reasons Readers Don’t Leave Comments talks about why people don’t leave comments on blogs.

I have often wondered why people in gardening blogs don’t comment more often. Don’t get me wrong… There are some of you that comment all the time and this garden blogger just loves you for it.

But considering that when gardeners visit the gardens of other people, they simply gush with compliments, advice and questions, comments on gardening blogs are profoundly silent in comparison.

I have to admit that even I do not comment every time I read a post and I thought I would list some of my gardening reasons why I don’t comment.

1) The post is more than a week old – So maybe it is silly, but I feel odd commenting on something that happened a week ago in someone else’s yard.

2) I don’t want to look ignorant – Sometimes I have no freaking clue what the person is talking about because it is so technical in nature that it is over my head. I don’t want to look stupid.

3) I am not cool enough – Some people who keep garden blogs who are just way cooler than I am. I was not the cool kid in school and my fear of being ridiculed by the cool kids lingers to this day.

4) I don’t want to be wrong – What is worse than looking stupid? Looking stupid and being wrong. I can do that on my blog, but I certainly don’t want to be that way on someone else’s blog.

5) The blog has too many hoops to go through in order to leave a comment – Most of the time, this step doesn’t prevent me from commenting, but if I am in a hurry and I am just sneaking a quick look in or if my kids start screaming before I can get through to the actual comment part, I don’t leave a comment.

Most of the time, these reasons are just silly. Garden bloggers are just about the nicest people in the blogging world and I very much doubt that they would think I was silly or stupid, or at least I am pretty sure that they are polite enough to keep that opinion to themselves.

So, I am going to have to make a better effort at leaving comments on the gardening blogs I visit, even if it is to say “Wow, that is one gorgeous tomato.”

What are some reasons you guys don’t leave comments on gardening blogs?

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