Do-It-Yourself Super Cool Seed Packets

It is the time of year that we all trade our seeds. But if you want to be super cool… if you want to be one of the hip seed traders… you need to make sure that you have some super cool seed packets.

Of course, you could run out and and hit the yuppie stores and pay an arm and a pinkie toe for some designer seed packets (the very latest from Milan). I think they may even make them with perfumed paper and the latest and greatest designer colors.

Me, I would rather make my own (that and my bank account is insisting on it). Of course making good seed packets is really beyond my technical and creative skills. My seed packets would normally involve newspaper and large amounts of scotch tape and would culminate in looking more like origami boulders than seed packets. But I have the power of the internet at my fingertips which gives me access to all sorts of fabulous and creative people. It just so happens there is a creative person out there who has made a whole line of print-cut-paste seeds packets that anybody can make and use.

Maggie Wang has put together some really cool seed packet patterns. You can just open them as a PDF and then print them out on the paper of your choice. Fold on the easy dotted lines, and *voila* you will be the envy of your seed trading circle — trading seeds in super cool style.

Of course, you may have to forgo buying the Martha Stewart line of seeds packets, but to tell the truth, I think hers only come with seeds already inside. Not nearly as impressive when you are trading.

3 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Super Cool Seed Packets
  1. Thanks for the lovely comments on my seed packets, Hanna! I realized after following the link to the packet download gallery that my old download links were broken during the upgrade to Gallery 2, so I went in and fixed them all. 🙂


  2. This little seed packets are great… I just tried my hand at making some of them, not too bad but it would help if I could fold straight lines. 🙂

    Are we going to see any of the Hanna Limited Edition seed packet graphics or am I going to have to keep dreaming?


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