Facing Down First Frost

WinterThe cold weather has made it abundantly clear that it has no intention of leaving Cleveland. I thought that perhaps this cold spell had come too early but today when I checked the first frost I saw that I was wrong. Cleveland’s first frost date is October 5th. Less than a week away. It is only my over hopeful mind that thought this cold snap had come too early. *sigh*

I really have no choice but to admit that my gardening season has come to an end. Two of my remaining tomatoes are DOA and the other three have borne fruit but their unfortunate young will probably never mature to the point where they would make their mama proud in a tasty bruschetta or sauce.

The potted plants on the porch will need to be moved soon and I can already see the long eye my husband will be giving me when I tell him that it is time to move everything to the basement. The one thing that you can count on with plants is that they only get bigger as long as you give them the love that they need. That makes me happy, but I am not quite so sure my “lifts heavy things” husband is as thrilled.

I noticed today that the trees are turning as well. Going all golden but the lovers’ quarrel is coming soon and the red blood of summer will soon be smearing the trees. Just about the only good things from the past two weeks of rainy, cold weather is that it should makes for one hell of a good fight. In other words, the trees should look really pretty here for the next few weeks.

So why do I sound so glum? Because I live in Cleveland and winter, he is a comin’. A few days ago, Pinar asked in a comment if I had any winter flower plants. Above is the picture of what my back yard will look like in just a few short months, maybe even weeks, if we happen to have a particularly early snowfall this year. It’s Cleveland. My backyard could possible look like that next week, if the weather gods are feeling particularly cruel.

So, no… Nothing flowers outside in Cleveland in the winter. *doublesigh*

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