A Garden Spawned Hollywood: Roundhay Garden Scene

It’s been a long day, and I am just a bit tired. No… scratch that… I am really freaking tired.

So today, I thought I would just really quick share a bit of gardening trivia. Drumroll… Hollywood was first born in a garden.

Okay, Hollywood was not directly made in a garden. I am not sure you could actually fit that many egos, whores and writers into one garden. But the first example of actual film was created in a garden. Roundhay Garden to be exact.

The video above shows the film. It runs for a grand total of 2 seconds and shows the director’s (Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince) family dancing around their garden.

Of all the things you could put in the very first film and all we have is a 2 second home video. Go figure.

This film was shot in 1888, or possibly earlier. They know it is not later, only because one of the people in the film died before the end of 1888.

Short films like these eventually lead to real movies, which lead to Hollywood. So, yet one more thing we owe to a garden. Hollywood. Hmmm… Then again, perhaps this is a fact we should just keep quiet among our gardening selves.

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