Seeds: The Gardener’s Version of Trading Cards

Tomato SeedsDude! I got some kewl seeds to trade. You in? You in?

Gardeners trade seeds like kids trade baseball cards (or is it Yugioh or Pokemon). We seek each other out in clandestine locations, mostly on the internet to trade things that may or may not be available to the normal public.

Even worse, sometimes, at least here in North American, we even do our trading illegally. Sneaking packages through the Canada/United States border hoping that they don’t get caught and searched and apprehended.

For Christ sake, you’d think we were trading kiddie porn or drugs. But no, it is just innocent seeds. Pretty flowers or non-shippable vegetables, things that probably mean nothing to anyone but a die-hard gardener.

But, these days it is such an important hobby. It’s a way to keep biodiversity alive on our small planet. Seed trading is our small rebellion against all that is corporate and homogenized.

We know we will save the world. So, hey… hey… look here. I got some seeds to trade. Do ya’ wanna? Do ya’ wanna?

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