How to Make a Halloween Shrub Monster

It is Halloween and Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. My husband’s as well. We are very particular about our Halloween traditions. He always makes the kids costumes. And I always decorate the yard. We don’t go in Read more ›

Slow Down in the Posting

It’s not that I want to stop and I won’t stop, not completely… It is just that without a garden going full speed, I don’t have much to write about. Did you know that I posted for 200 straight days Read more ›

Bling-Bling for Your Garden Blog Blog

There is a certain amount of style needed to have a really complete blog. Great words and conversations will only get you so far in the blogosphere. We all know that what great blogs really need is flare… blog bling-bling Read more ›

Hardy Kiwi: Hardly Producing

This is all the kiwis I was able to harvest from my kiwi vines this year. Despite my best efforts to keep the late spring frost from killing the blossoms, the left me with only this little handful of kiwis Read more ›

Moving Day is at Hand

One of the movies on my “Favorite Movie List” is the Secret of NIMH. On the most basic level, the movie is about moving. The plow is coming and Mrs. Brisby must move her family to the lee of the Read more ›

This Is It – The Ice Storm Cometh

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *doublesigh* It is suppose to start snowing in the next 24 hours. This is depressing. Snow. SNOW. Fucking snow in early October! ARGGGGG! The really sucky thing is that it suppose to go back up into the Read more ›

Champagne Wishes and Tomato Dreams

I have been thinking alot lately about what I will be growing next year in the tomato beds. I have already decided that the Goose Creek is certainly worth bring back. My husband has demanded that I grow the Black Read more ›