Moving Day is at Hand

One of the movies on my “Favorite Movie List” is the Secret of NIMH. On the most basic level, the movie is about moving. The plow is coming and Mrs. Brisby must move her family to the lee of the stone or they will all be killed. Pretty basic premis, if you ask me.

Today, Mrs. Brisby and I are facing similar situations. I must move my gardening family or they will die. As a matter of fact, my whole blood family comes together to save my plant family. With the cold nipping at our heels, we hustle pots into the basement.

And so the misery of winter begins for my potted plants. The poor things have been shuttled into a tiny basement room and they will not see real sunlight again until April, maybe even May of next year.

That is a very long time for a plant not to see the light of day. They will survive under the man made fluorescent, but they won’t thrive and they won’t be happy about it. Have you ever tried to water plants who are pissed off at you. It’s not a pretty picture. Plants may not have eyes, but I will swear they can glare.

But the move is for their own good. They will not survive the night, let alone the winter.

I just wish I had a bevy of super intelligent rats to take care of this instead. Not sure how my cats would feel about that, but it make would dealing with seasonably freakish snow storms a little easier.

One thought on “Moving Day is at Hand
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  2. I didn’t know that one of my top 10 all-time books was also a movie.
    When People ask me what Permaculture is about, I tell them “Read Mrs Frisbee and the Rats of Nimh”


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