Slow Down in the Posting

It’s not that I want to stop and I won’t stop, not completely… It is just that without a garden going full speed, I don’t have much to write about.

Did you know that I posted for 200 straight days on this blog and never missed a day. Not one. Every day since mid March I have had something to write about concerning gardening, but the fall is fully here and I have packed up my porch grown container garden and it is too cold and rainy to enjoy even the clean up chores in the yard.


I will certainly post once a week at least, maybe more. But do not think that the time I spend not writing will be wasted. You see, I have an idea for a gardening related website and, using my extraordinarily so-so programming skills, I intend to work on it. If I succeed, I am pretty sure that all of you will think it is cool. But I need time to work on it. And since there is not much to write about going on in my yard, I will be using the time I would normally use for writing on this blog writing that website.

Now that I have told you all this, I had better darn well produce that website, eh? We will see.

I will still post some, just not as much. Thanks to all of you who have stopped by over the past six months. You have all been great. And I promise, come mid-March, I will again post for 200 days straight at least.

Unless I move somewhere warm sooner than that. Then I will post sooner… and longer… And lead a general more fulfilled life… maybe.

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