What Do Gardener’s Do When They Can’t Garden? They Shop.

Garden Stuff I bought at the storeMuch to my bank account’s chagrin and my credit card company’s delight, I have been doing more than my fair share of shopping lately. I am wondering if I can get my insurance company to cover part of the costs. After all, I am suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms and I am just using retail therapy to cope with it. Certainly cheaper than a shrink.

Until today, I had just been doing some online shopping. I have bought seeds from no less than five companies. Tomato Growers Supply, Jung Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Penya Seeds and Dave’s Seeds and Plants. Sad part is that I really suck at starting seeds, but desperate people don’t always act logically, so I imagine I have dropped around $100 on seeds that may never see adult planthood.

Taking my lack of seed starting skills into account, I also invested in a seed starter. More importantly, a self watering seed starting kit. It’s the watering part that I fail miserably at, if the truth be told.

Today, though, I kicked my garden shopping into overdrive. First stop, The Improvements/Alsto’s Outlet store. 75% off the green tags and 50% off the yellow ones and lots of garden kitsch as far as the eye can see (which is to the back wall of the store). Red tomato plastic, a watering wand, a glow in the dark, glass Saturn garden stake and a heavy, heavy glazed terracotta pot. I would have bought more, but we were driving my friend’s very small car and I didn’t think the 6′ fountain that was selling for $30 would fit well in the trunk.

After that, it was quick hop over to Half Price Books where I found three books on gardening on the Clearance shelves. w00t! as they say in the cyber world.

I’d like to say that I am done with my gardening buying spree, but I doubt it. I imagine more seed catalogs will end up at my door and more packages will shortly follow. If I can’t garden in my garden, I can at least dream of what it will be, provided the bank approves the increase on the home equity line of credit.

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