What it Will Take to Get Me to Shop at Mal-Wart

Several years ago, I made the decision to stop shopping at Mal-Wart. I have to be honest, it was a purely selfish reason. They tried to force me to use my debit card as a debit card. Aghast! The horror of this action.

I know, I know, they exploit millions of people and what does it take to get me to stop shopping there? It takes them trying to force me to pay a $1.50 bank fee rather them then paying $.30-.40 extra transaction fee.

Either way, I stopped shopping there. And I have to admit, my resolution was strengthened the more and more I heard about the atrocities that Mal-Wart colluded to.

But then I heard about a clandestine project that Mal-Wart has been working on for the past few months. Something so far reaching, so shocking that it could throw the environmental world into utter chaos.

Mal-Mart wants to Go Green, at least a little.

I was speechless, and you can ask anybody who knows me. Me being speechless about any company that has done me wrong is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Here is the deal, yesterday was the day that Mal-Wart stopped accepting bids for a project that would put solar panels on all of their stores in five states.

ONLY FIVE STATES! Why not all 50 and in China as well? But before you go getting your panties in a wad, as it is with only five states, the size of this project could throw a giant widget into the cogs of the solar energy industry. The industry is simply not large enough to provide the products to Mal-Wart and still provide it to the rest of the country. But the solar energy industry is darn willing to try. At this size, the project would only disrupt the industry for a few months. Any larger and you start talking years.

Mal-Wart has kept this project very hush-hush because, well, they are not fully committed to it. They are kicking the tires and checking to see if solar energy is something they would like to drive. And I hope they do decide to buy, because you know what happens when the biggest Jones on the block gets a new car.

They say that it will reduce greenhouse gases (which we all know is not my biggest concern) but from my vantage point, this move would be a giant leap towards reducing dependence on non-sustainable forms of energy and reducing pollution as well.

But I am going to keep an eye on this story. If they actually go through with it, I may even stop calling them Mal-Wart.

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