A Public Peony Service Announcement: What Peonies are Suppose To Look Like in the Spring


We interrupt your regularly scheduled garden blog for this important peony announcement.

This is a public peony service announcement. This is not a test. The following information is meant to help keep the peony population at large safe from well meaning gardeners, non-gardeners and new home-owners.

This is what a peony plant looks like in early spring:
Peonies in Spring
In the event that you might see such growth in your yard, please refrain from breaking, crushing or, most importantly, weeding them. These will grow into this year’s peonies’ flower stalks.

Also, do not feel bad for last year’s flower stalks either. They are suppose to be brown and dried up and it is okay to cut those down, as long as you take precautions against damaging this year’s stalk.

This concludes our public peony service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled garden blog.


2 thoughts on “A Public Peony Service Announcement: What Peonies are Suppose To Look Like in the Spring
  1. Sarah on


    I purchased my first home last October, and have no idea what has been planted around the yard. I think I am seeing the first growth of peonies, just like in your photos. Problem is, they were planted right next our crumbling chimney, which is due to be replaced in the next few weeks. I fear that the chimney construction will ruin the peonies, and would like to transplant them to a safer, permanent spot. Is too late to move them? I am completely new to gardening, and would need fairly specific advice…



    Lillian Reply:

    Thanks so so so much for this post!! My husband ripped out all of the peonies in the fall and I almost cried thinking they were gone forever. Then, I saw these red stalks popping up and started googling and it led me to your post. Thank you thank you thank you – I’m so excited to confirm that these really are peonies coming back!!!


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