11 thoughts on “Something I am Thankful for this Year
  1. Kate on

    Euw … I think I’ll garden here happily all summer long. The only advantage to having such a harsh, cold climate is that the slugs are not usually much of a problem.

    Your blog is great fun to read!


  2. Mike on

    Well…. its a big country and they’re only in some parts. I’ve lived and gardened in the Southwestern and Southern Cape my whole life and never encountered any slug that size. The biggest ones I get here are maybe a couple of centimetres long.

    OTOH you don’t want to see the damage that Bushbuck can do to a bed of Lettuce! 🙂


  3. Marc on

    WOW that thing is HUGE! And I thought our Tomato Hornworms were big!

    Thanks for sharing that video. We DO have to be thankful not to have that guy in our garden!


  4. thefirecat on

    I think I dated one of those once…..it looks suspiciously like an ex of mine…..


  5. Jennifer on

    I think this is what ate all of my cabbage family crops last year. They are everywhere in my yard. I tried the beer thing and nothing. My neighbour uses a chemical called Meta with great success. I may succumb to that solution if all else fails.


  6. sandia on

    I remain in denial that this is real. Slugs that large may be my worst nightmare.


  7. casey on

    I love how it is grazing like a deer – rather than sucking holes in leaves like the little slugs do.


  8. Nana on

    A few years back I stepped out on my front porch to get the mail and stepped on a slug. A BIG slug (not as big as that one, but big enough). And I was barefoot. YUCK!!!!!

    Note to Jennifer — I used a product called Garden Safe Slug and Snail Bait around my hostas last year and it worked great. It’s labeled as safe around pets and wildlife.


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