eBay: Your Source for Plants, Seeds and Who Knows What Else

I Love eBay.

  • My matching set of titanium and gold wedding rings… Bought on eBay
  • My ’05 PT Cruiser Convertible… Bought on eBay
  • My Doc Martin Boots… Bought on eBay
  • My computer I am typing on right now (and the other three in my house)… Bought on eBay

So this morning, when I reviewed the ailing plants that were transplanted from the bad soil and decided that there was no hope in this green earth that they would ever make a recovery, I knew where I needed to go. I had to go to eBay.

Now, just about everybody knows that everything under the sun is sold on eBay. You can buy human souls, Mary bearing toast and giant Cheetoes. I mean what else is eBay for but to buy things you have absolutely no use for.

But when I mention to people that you can buy live plants, 9 out of 10 times I get a quizzical look. “Plants… on eBay… you can do that?” Yeah, they are right there next to the human souls section.

If they don’t react with surprise, they normally have some apprehension on whether or not eBay plants are quality plants.

I personally have never had a problem with my eBay plant purchases. I am careful to check the feedback score and the feedback comments and as long as I find that they are both positive, I find that I get great plants.

The really awesome thing about eBay is that many plant sellers are just small hobbyists selling their extras. Some very unusual and hard to find varieties are very reasonably priced when sold by these people.

With my half of my tomatoes dead in the water (or soil as it may be), I decided to buy a lot of heirloom tomatoes from TomatoGirl. She has an excellent, high feedback score and a to die for selection of heirloom tomatoes. Not to mention that the cost is only about $2.50 per plant and that is even after shipping. I couldn’t buy even the most common heirloom tomato plant for that price at my local nursery.

I ordered a lot of 10 and they should be here by the end of next week. Thank goodness for people who can grow seeds a hell of a lot better than I can and for eBay who makes it easy for me to buy from them.

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