Green Christmas, White Easter – Something Ain’t Right Around Here

This morning I woke up to nearly a foot of snow… On April 7th… The day before Easter. AND IT IS STILL SNOWING! *argg*

What I really wanted to write about today was a little bit about my Lenten Rose, which had managed to actually bloom during Lent this year. I thought it would be a nice bookend to the Horseradish/Passover post.

I suppose I could still write about my Lenten Rose, but that would require me to dig the darn thing out out just to get a picture. Not much fun.

Besides, I am a little peeved by this whole snow situation. I bet this is going to get labeled in the News as the Great Easter Blizzard of ’07, like it was something to be proud of. There is not a single great thing about it.

Snow in April is never anything to be proud of. Blizzards in April is something you should pretend isn’t happening for the sake of keeping up appearances with the neighbors. Do you think Columbus has snow in April? Well, maybe a little but you certainly don’t see them flaunting it like it is this week’s fashion.

Mother Nature in Cleveland just needs to get her act together. This is just sloppy work and is inexcusable. I am perfectly fine with temps in the 40s this time of year and rain galore, but this is ridiculous. April showers does not mean the snow variety.

They are predicting up to 4 inches again tonight. I suppose if I still wanted to have an Easter egg hunt outside, I could just toss the eggs out in the yard and just let Mother Nature hide them for me.

2 thoughts on “Green Christmas, White Easter – Something Ain’t Right Around Here
  1. i was just wondering have you ever had a white easter and a green christmas well i havent so please post a comment back thanks bye dudes


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