Magnolia Devastation

devastation – (n) : the act
of devastating, or the state of being devastated; a laying waste

Magnolia Branch
That there, pictured to the right, is a branch of a magnolia. Not just any magnolia, but a magnolia that is literally bigger than my house. It is the jewel of my garden and it is two days from bursting into full glory.

Unfortunately, we are one day from a typical tantrum by Mother Nature here in Cleveland. Today, we had temps in the 80’s. Tomorrow, they are predicting a steady snow/sleet/rain mix and temps in the 30’s.

What this translates to is that my pride and joy, my magnolia will live this year in utter mediocrity. Those almost open blossoms will die on the branch, unable to accomplish their life’s mission to delight me with their beauty.

To a gardener, this is devastation. This is the waste. *sigh*

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