Time to Clean Out the Ol’ Gardening Blogroll

I have come to think of gardening blogs alot like the plants in my garden. Every year there is a crop of them and they are all beautiful. I enjoy visiting them and get a nice feeling when I do. But then the winter comes and the gardening blogs all shut down for the season (except in Australia. Those go into high gear).

The gardening blogs lie dormant. There may be a stirring or two and perhaps a few are evergreen, so to speak.

Then spring comes again and it is time to take a walk around the gardening blogs. And much like the first few trips around the garden itself in early spring, you realize that a few of the beautiful things you visited last year have not come back. You have a blogroll that has more than a few abandoned blogs.

People abandoned blogs for a multitude of reasons. Despite what it looks like, blogs are not easy to keep up. It can be hard to find something to write about or even to find the time to write about something. Sometimes people mean to write but they just never get around to it.

Whatever the reason, it is nothing to blame someone for. Life goes on. Much like a flower in the garden is momentarily mourned and then replaced by the next pretty thing, so it goes with blogs.

Which means that I must spend some time cleaning out my blogroll. Fortunately, garden blogs, unlike plants, have a date last posted to let me know if they are still there or not.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you have a garden blog that you would like for me to add to my blogroll, feel free to drop the URL here. I will be out sussing for new ones on my own as well. And to those who have been to busy to post, I just want to say… I understand. But please understand if I have removed you from my blogroll because of this.

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