Cleveland Botanical Gardens Flower Show: Rhythm & Hues

Today I attended the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Flower Show and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you have time this weekend and you live in the Cleveland area, I would highly recommend that you bop on down and take a peek.

And I do mean bop, as this year, the theme of the flower show is Rhythm & Hue. What this translates to is that all of the displayed gardens had to be created around the theme of music, which made for some wonderfully whimsical gardens.

Like this one wholly dedicated to the Rock N Roll theme of Cleveland:
Rock and Roll Garden

There were also a few fun musically inclined decorations:

Drummer FountainDrummer Fountain

Sheet Music WaterfallSheet Music Waterfall

And even just plain old actual musical instruments:

Garden Planted InstrumentsGarden Planted Instruments
(I finally know what to do with my old flute)

Drum Water CascadeDrum Water Cascade

Wondering what to do with all those old vinyl records in your closet?

Vinyl Record EdgingVinyl Record Edging

The floral displays were also quite striking. In one competition, there was even a kind of Iron Chef approach. Competitors brought pruning shears and everything they were allowed to beyond that was supplied by the judges. Here is the winner of that competition.

Iron Chef Flower Arrangement

And I don’t remember what this flower arrangement won for, but it just looks so cool.
Cool Flower Display

There was lots and lots more than this as well. Plus, a great many garden related vendors set up, so you can bring home a little love to your own garden. It will make a nice day trip for the Memorial Day Weekend.

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  1. Kaye Christie on

    I write a monthly column for Family Motorcoaching Magazine. I’d like to include the Botanical Gardens Flower Show in my March/April column on flower festivals. Thus I’ll need information about this year’s festival.

    Obviously I’ll need the dates and topics for the ’08 festival. And if there is something of particular interest to travelers, perhaps you might send it also. Thanks in

    Kaye Christie
    31901 Cherokee Rd.
    Coarsegold, CA 93614


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