The Dandelion Hydra

Come one! Come all! It’s the Hanna’s Garden Oddities Show! Two pence a visitor and we promise that you will see sights that will make your very tailbone shudder.

What you see before you is a freak of nature that is so awful… so terrible… that gardeners the world ’round would shudder to see it. We will tell you that women faint of constitution and anyone pregnant or suffering from a heart condition should best avert their eyes now.

Behold, I present to you the beast known as The Dandelion Hydra.

Dandelion Hydra

*Shock* *Gasp* *Horror*

Ladies and gentleman, contain your panic. If you will just calm yourself, we can hope to keep this monstrosity contained.

This gruesome example of Mother Nature gone wildly wrong was found by one brave man while performing mandatory lawnscaping duties. He saw this abomination and wisely ran for the nearest expert… his wife.

Never before has such a abomination of nature been seen, at least not in my yard. Hopefully a misshapen creation of this design will never be seen again.

Remember fair citizens, you saw it here first. At Hanna’s Garden Oddities Show!

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