While My Cherry Tree Gently Weeps

Weeping Cherry TreeI think the stars were thinking when they decided the day I would be born. They took one look at my genetic code and said “That there is a human who will need lots of extra gardening related gifts right in the middle of spring. Make sure you schedule her for an April birth. Oh, and make sure she is slated to marry a guy who know that flowers and not diamonds are her best friend.”

And so, some thirty plus years ago I was brought into the world smack in the middle of April. It is a win-win situation. I get plants and gerndening stuff and everybody always knows what to get me.

This year, the hubby got me a fine looking weeping cherry tree, which is something I have wanted for a few years. Up until this year, they were far too expensive for my wallet. Thanks to the late spring frost, all the flowering trees were marked down 50%. Gosh dear, I know we will be growing that tree in our yard for the next decade or two, but its not in bloom now so let’s not buy it. Got to love garden marketing.

In Japan, cherry tree blossoms are called Sakura and are considered to be one of the jewels of the nation. Millions of people have traveled to Japan during the cherry blossom season (which happens to fall right around my birthday) to participate in hanami or cherry blossom viewing. A weeping cherry tree is called shidarezakura.

I am hoping my shidarezakura gets some sakura so I can do some hanami next year. I am going to be darn okorimasu if I don’t get to do some hanami.

While Japan loves all kinds of cherry trees, it has a soft spot in its heart for weeping cherries. They have some weeping cherries that have literally lived for centuries and are now revered landmarks.

Unfortunatly, my little cherry tree won’t live past 20 years. Like many ornamental flowering fruit trees, they are not long lived.

But I don’t care. You make hay while the sun shines and hanami sakura while you have shidarezakura. I’ll enjoy my new little weeping cherry tree for as long as it enjoys being in my garden.

2 thoughts on “While My Cherry Tree Gently Weeps
  1. W Kearns on

    In New Jersey and For Weeping Cherry Trees need info on: Winterization (protection tips -wrap trunk from top to dirt?), Spring feedings, when & how to prune (if needed).

    Any good info appreciated.


  2. Jennifer on

    I would also like to know some info. on shidarezakura trees. I’ve always wanted a sakura tree but I don’t know where to go to find out information about this specific tree (shidarezakura). So if you can recommend any good resources on those trees, that have info on; how long they bloom for, how to take care of them, pic.s on how they look when not in bloom, etc. I would be very grateful.


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