Write Your Senator! Tomatoes For Ohio State Fruit

Ohio State Tomato SealWhat a happy day this is! The State government, despite having such pressing tasks such as saving strippers from their mean ol’ customers and completely ignoring the school funding crisis here in Ohio, has seen fit to vote (once again) on the fitness of the lowly Lycopersicon esculentus in representing the State of Ohio in the official capacity of State Fruit.

This grand title was snatched from the paws of the paw paw plant just a few years ago. Apparently, while the bill was introduced, it never made it to the floor to be voted on.

The office of State Fruit has stood empty for far too long and it is a brilliant move on the part of our politicians to name a fruit that is commonly regarded as a vegetable to fill the position. I am fairly certain that this move will have far reaching effects on the fruit mistaken as vegetable populations.

I ask you… no… plead with you to write your Ohio state representative (Or if you don’t live in Ohio, feel free to write mine) and ask them to get this uber important bill to the floor. Urge your representative to vote yes on this issue. The tomato minority is counting on you!

3 thoughts on “Write Your Senator! Tomatoes For Ohio State Fruit
  1. it won, it won!

    Best part of this story is that it is now part of the holy tomato quadrangle of statehood, joining Jersey, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

    dig it.


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