Go Ahead, You can be Jealous. I’ll Wait. : Baby Tomato Sightings

I have a tomato. Naner-naner-boo-boo. (And I don’t want to hear it from all you warm weather people who had tomatoes like in March or some other M month. You don’t count. You have freakish weather as far as I am concerned.)

Want to be really jealous? I don’t just have one tomato, I have baby tomatoes on EVERY plant I bought from my eBay connection, TomatoGirl (that’s 12 plants, by the way). I will have tomatoes by July 4th. Mark my words. Here in Cleveland that is a mirical on the level of growing an actual orange.

TomatoGirl hails fromTennessee, so I have no idea why her plants were so much more mature than mine (proper upbringing, I suppose). Her plants are even out-fruiting my neighbor’s, who bought her plants at the local nursery.

I suspect that TomatoGirl grows her plants hydroponically, but maybe she is really just a tomato growing goddess to to be bowed down to. I really don’t know. When you can get tomatoes to fruit and be ripe before July 4th in Cleveland, there is no one who can top you. Either way, I am think that my short lived tomato seed starting days are over. I know greatness when I see it, so why should I try to compete with it?

I think that Hanna’s Tomato Tastings 2007 will be hitting the web sooner than expected. Stay tuned for more details as the develop.

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