Home Again, Home Again, Higgity Jig

Never mind that you spent the past 8 hours shuttling around in various planes, buses and cars. Never mind that you just went through customs and lied about the fact that you were most certainly not bringing vegetation of any kind back into the US (it was just a stick, a little stick and I hope it will root and yes we all ready have them here but its the principle of the thing). Never mind that you just left a tropical paradise to return to Cleveland. Coming home to your garden after an extended vacation is just a stressful time for a gardener.

I had made arrangements, but walking up the front steps to my house, I can see that my arrangements went right out the proverbial window. A citrus tree is dead dead and the avocado and one of the kiwis have seen much healthier, better watered days. Surprisingly the annuals all look nice so the water retaining crystals must be doing their job.

My neighbor apologized profusely. She had meant to stop by and water. She had thought that she would get to it. But her knees are hurting and the shoulder is not so good either. And well, I understand, right? I momentarily think of a baseball bat but her knees already hurt and she is nearly sixty, so I am thinking that I just need to take it on the chin. I sigh and nod and am thankful it rained once or twice while I was gone.

No ripe tomatoes but lots of nice size green ones. There were 2 cucumbers that were ready to harvest, which means that I have reached my nature imposed yearly limit of cucumbers. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow and find my perfectly healthy cucumber vines to be perfectly dead. That is how it normally works.

The weeds, fully aware of my MIA status, have taken over almost every bed but the vegetable bed. Don’t know why not in the veggie bed but I don’t look gift weed free beds in the mouth so I won’t worry about it too much.

Overall the vacation was nice. The wedding went off with surprisingly few bridezilla moments. The in-laws were all very pleasant. All inclusive was different but as I expected, not so much my cup of tea. Unlimited alcohol simply does not make up for decent food. The bout of food poisoning that I suffered through this past week would have been much more tolerable if it had originated from a really good plate of local food instead of an Americanized so-so one.

I am tired. I am slightly crispy red. I am glad to be home… so at least I know there will be someone to water the plants.

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