Vegetable Sexuality: The Fetish Ball of the Garden

I have to admit, I have attended more than a few fetish balls in my lifetime. I actually have no interest in the fetish activities themselves, I just really like industrial music played at high volume on a good sound system and over a very large dance floor. Just about the only venue to find this particular combination of things here in Cleveland is at a fetish ball. Besides, it is just a night of deliciously fun people watching as well, and that is never a bad thing.

But, my personal life aside, as I was again marveling over my baby tomatoes in the veggie garden today, it occurred to me that my vegetable beds are very similar to a fetish ball (sans industrial music, 6 inch stilettos and whips… that is unless my vegetables have contracted a DJ and some dominatrix without my knowledge, in which case I need to have a little talk with my vegetables).

Stay with me here…

First of all, in a vegetable garden, there is all kinds sex going on just right there in the open. There are boy flowers and girl flowers and flowers that have both boy and girl parts. In the vegetable garden, plants get pollinated by creatures not of their kind, some are pretty, some are comical, some are mean, and occasionally some are just plain scary. But they all wear fascinating costumes. All of them may be pollinated by dozens of partners in the course of the party. A vegetable garden is a riot of plants that have different ways in which they get pollinated, but anyone who wants to get pollinated will be pollinated.

See, not so far off from a fetish ball after all, is it?

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