Meme: Seven Random Garden Facts

I don’t think that I have ever actualy participated in an honest to goodness meme on his blog. But Adekun tagged me, so I think I will take part.

This is the Seven Random Things Meme. I list 7 things about me and then tag seven other garden blogs to do the same. Here we go:

  1. The very first thing I remember growing in a garden is green beans.
  2. My first garden that belonged to me (and not my parents) was located at a house near the corner of Euclid Avenue and E. Rochelle St. in Cincinnati, OH. Nothing I planted at that house remains there today.
  3. My favorite annual is a snapdragon because I can make them talk.
  4. I can’t keep cacti alive to save my life.
  5. My least favorite decorative flower/plant is a rodedendrum. Ugg.
  6. My cat, Sicily, was rescued from a plant nursery. I was plant shopping with a friend when the cat scared her. The girl behind the counter said that her father was going to shoot the cat and the cat came home with me, along with a rose scented geranium and a frog shaped pot.
  7. I don’t ever want a big garden. I can barely keep up with this postage stamp one, let alone something bigger.

That’s seven.

Okay, I am picking 7 blogs from my blog list and the are:

A Bumblebee Garden
Dirt Sun Rain
A Study in Contrasts
Cincinnati Cape Cod
wolfie and the sneak
Yard Piddling
Tea and Margaritas in My Garden

I think that is all. I am off to go tag them all. 🙂

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