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Walaya and MichaelYesterday I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd wedding for my long-time and dear friend Walaya Arayawongkul.   Believe it or not, she has married the same guy (Michael Kretzmer) in all three weddings.   Thanks to the quirky nature of US immigration law, her wedding in her native Thailand was not valid in the US, the JP wedding was to get the green card process going and the third wedding was so that all of their American friends could enjoy the celebration.   It was a lovely wedding and Walaya was holding up surprising well for a woman who had gone through three weddings in such a short time.   I know for myself, my one wedding was enough to make me swear off weddings forever (much to my husband’s relief).

The ceremony took place in Owego, NY, right at the edge of the Susquehanna River.   Just a fantastic view.

Wedding Favor TreeWhat I thought was really cool about this wedding was that Walaya and Michael gave baby Christmas trees away as the favor.   I took two.   I have no idea where I will plant them (probably in the MetroParks, to be honest.   My yard is already pretty full), but they were just so damn cute, I couldn’t resist.  

It seems to me that giving away live plants as a wedding favor is, well, picking up favor these days.   I know for my own wedding, I gave away herbs.   I see many brides-to-be on the gardening forums talking about how they will be giving away various plants to friends and family who attend their wedding.   As a gardener, I think getting a plant at a wedding certainly beats getting sugared almonds or a pie server.   Yes, I did really get a pie server as a favor at a wedding once.   I have no idea what the significance of it was, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was a subconcious commentary of the inevitable divorce.

The significance of plants is superficially apparent.   Life and growth are both embodied in the plants you give as symbols of your union.   But I do recall feeling a bit apprehensive about giving plants at my wedding.   I knew that not many of those plants were destined to live much past a month.   What did that say (in a symbolic, superstitious sort of way) about the future of my marriage?

Well, I am still happily married 5 years later (as of next Friday) so I suppose that dead former wedding favor plants have no bearing on the actual health of a marriage.   Still, I feel as though a small burden has been bestowed upon me.   Since these two little trees were given to me as a symbol of a marriage, I now owe it to Walaya and Michael to make sure that these little trees survive.   So I guess I better trek on out to the MetroParks this week to find them homes that they can grow in.

Hopefully they will live as long as Walaya and Michael are happily married, which is hopefully for many happy decades.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Tree Favors
  1. Ginger on

    For my wedding (Saturday!) I am giving 4″ terra cotta pots filled with good potting soil in bags, flower seeds and instructions inside. We put the saucers upside-down on top of the filled pots and tied them with beautiful ribbon. I love them – I hope everyone else will, too!


  2. I love this idea, and the thought of having a forest of trees planted out there growing along with your relationship. So cool. Have you seen the cards and paper that have seeds in them and you can bury them and flowers will grow? Such great meaning in that!


  3. Richard from NY on

    Wow I wish I had known you had been in Owego as I work at the Lockheed plant just outside of the village. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    I live about 10 miles away in Endicott and have a typical city lot. I have been planting grapes, raspberries, blackberries, strawberry’s. My garden is tilled but who knows what will grow… Next year I plant the fruit trees.


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