12 thoughts on “First Frost, Last Chance, Note to Self
  1. Your blog is adorable! I would like to add it to my faves if you don’t mind. Just let me know.
    I love knowing what flower I am!


  2. Hanna on

    Diane – Of course you can add me to your favs. Glad you came for a visit. 🙂

    Matt Wilson – It wasn’t heavy but my topical plants can’t tolerate it at all. The basil took a hit as well.

    lisa – too true!

    Robin (Bumblebee) – Many long years of a careful balance of nagging and snuggling. 😉


  3. Had I ever asked my wife to get out of bed at 1am for any reason, I would not be alive to write this now. This man is an angel.


  4. Your husband should do what I do every year, tell you gardening is over for the summer, say we’ll replant new pots in the spring, then pull on his wool socks and robe and bring those plants in post haste, if he knows what’s good for him.


  5. Thankfully we dont get frosts here — otherwise there’d be some chilly moments if I suggested my wife should do anything similar!


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